Your chance to
 work with
 Rocky Gray 
  Rocky's work with "Evanescence" and "We Are The Fallen" established Rocky as a driving force in the world of Metal.  Rocky's drumming and writing skills have been heard by millions but with all the success that Rocky has experienced he still calls central Arkansas home.
  So, wouldn't it be awesome to have that type of experience and guidance working with you on your next project?  Well you can! 
   For a small fee, Rocky will Produce and Mix your songs.  Here's how it works.  
  All the tracking will be done here at Crystal Studios with Rocky acting as producer.  After the tracking, Rocky will mix your songs for you using his knowledge and experience to squeeze out every ounce of energy giving you an edge in how your music sounds.    
   Your time in the studio will be $35.00/hour.  Rocky's production and mixing talents come to you for $100.00/song.   This special arrangement with Rocky may not last long and this level of production assistance may never come your way again.  
  Rocky has been where everyone else dreams of being.  Let him help you be the best you can be.  
Call to schedule your time with Rocky!  
 (501) 681-7935
Need a session drummer?
Yes, Rocky will play on your songs too.
Call for details.