Our hourly rate is $50.00/hr.  Our current special is 10 hours of studio time for $350.00 or ($35.00/hour).
                    Email or call for availability.

 CD duplication varies by the quantity ordered and amount of artwork required.  Call or email for your quote.

There are a lot of pictures and sound bites on this page....Check them out!!
Crystal Recording Studios
Our Featured Artist are below
Audio and Video
  My son Chris Brooks with 
Justin Moore.  It's good to be in the music business.
Video Production
Miles of Country
Crystal Studios shot the pilot episode for a new reality TV show called "Miles of Country". 

The show is a perfect combination of music, racing and fun and was filmed in Arkansas

We love shooting video so let us work on your next video project.

Here is an edited version of the intro to "Miles of Country".
Featured Artist Page
Level Ground just released their new CD "Level Ground - LIVE".  
The project contains several live cuts plus 3 new studio songs. 

This is Southern Gospel at it's finest!

You can get your copy here at www.levelgroundministries.com.

Check out this video which was from the actual show that the CD was made from.

While shooting some extra video for 
Whistlin' Dixie's EPK (Electronic Press Kit) I finally got some footage of "Party With You" from their CD:  People Round Here.

This song is just straight up country rock!  It shows off the bands writing and performing skills and it also shows off the quality of audio and video that the studio can provide for a live video shoot.  

The EPK will be posted soon but until then enjoy this clip of "Party With You".
Whistlin' Dixie - LIVE
The members of Saffron are an amazing group of talented individuals.  
I'm not sure how to describe their music but it's a mixture of Adult Rock and Jazz.  I can almost hear some Steely Dan in there!
All the songs on this new CD are original and worth a listen.

Check out this clip from the CD.  
This song is called "Fated"
Like a Bride
EPKs / Electronic Press Kits
 Sometimes you need more that just a demo of your group to seal the deal and that's where Electronic Press Kits or EPKs come into play.

An EPK gives you a platform to introduce and talk about your group, music and accomplishments.  If you are needing an EPK or music video let Crystal Studios put it together for you. 

If you want to see what an EPK looks like then check out this segment from one that just got finished.
A quick behind the scenes look at 
The Jon Dunn Band in the studio.  

This project is being produced by former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray 

 Southern rockers Cabover Pete recently finished their new CD titled "Sixer".

These guys are just great players playing Southern Rock the way it should be.

Here is a small sample 
of the new CD !
The Jon Dunn Band