Our hourly rate is $50.00/hr.  Our current special is 10 hours of studio time for $400.00 (or $40.00/hour).

             Email: ray@crystalrecordingstudios.com
               or call (501) 681-7935 for availability.

 CD duplication varies by the quantity ordered and amount of artwork required.  Call or email for your quote.

There are a lot of pictures and sound bites on this page....Check them out!!
Crystal Recording Studios
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Audio and Video
  My son Chris Brooks with 
Justin Moore.  It's good to be in the music business.
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EPKs / Electronic Press Kits
 Sometimes you need more that just a demo of your group to seal the deal and that's where Electronic Press Kits or EPKs come into play.

An EPK gives you a platform to introduce and talk about your group, music and accomplishments.  If you are needing an EPK or music video let Crystal Studios put it together for you. 

If you want to see what an EPK looks like then check out this segment from one that just got finished.
David L. Brandon
Another powerful song from 
David L. Brandon.  This one is "Run Unto You" and as we started the video production for this song David said that he wanted this one to be better than the Brother song.  You be the judge but I think we did it.

Crystal Studios recorded the song, made the music video and uploaded the song for digital distribution.  
So you want video work done???
We've got that!

Dee Washington ask me to make a video that showcased his new song
Talkin' Bout.

This is just a preview of the video but it's just magical.  

From the hit TV show,
 Joe Chambers Family & Friends,

 The Jingle Bell Choo Choo 

This new Christmas song is featured in the TV series and is in number one rotation on the Abundant TV Network.  The show features Joe's original music plus other artist and special topics.

Click the video box on the left to check out this song.
Another hit song by 
Dee Washington 

Here is a clip of Dee's latest song.
As usual, he delivers his smooth vocals over this great track.  

I'm sure we will be hearing more from him soon.

This song and others should be available at your favorite download or streaming site.
Dee Washington