Crystal Recording Studios offers digital recording, 
mixing, and mastering for Bands, 
Solo Artist, Choirs, Audio for Video, 
Jingles, and Broadcast.  All genres of
music are regularly recorded including
rock, country, gospel (all types), rap,
alternative....  you get the picture. 
   Crystal Studios is a professional 
studio that allows your group to
record all at one time instead of one
instrument at a time saving you 
valuable time and expense in the
studio.  Beware of studios that can 
only record one or two elements at a
 At Crystal Studios we do recording the 
way it should be done!

Some of our other services include:
Live Recording
Voice Overs for Commercials
CD Artwork Design and Layout
CD Manufacturing
Video Production
Uploading to iTunes
Rocky Gray - Evanescence
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Our Services
A recent project of ours just got featured in the
 November 2014 issue of Christian Voice Magazine.  
The Sanders Sisters
Call (501) 681-7935 or email:
Will Richey (above) and
 Caleb Conrad (below) from Triple Threat.
(America's Got Talent - Season 10)
International Elvis Tribute Artist, 
Mark Anthony from  Australia